Photo Prices, Ordering and Terms

Copyright Notice

The photographs displayed on this site may not be reproduced, scanned, copied, stored, manipulated, or displayed on other websites or blogs without purchase and my written consent; scanning or copying images taken or purchased from this site in any way is a violation of federal copyright law. No images are in the public domain. Photographic prints are sold for display only. If you are interested in using my images for advertising or design purposes please contact me to legitimately license the image(s), and then digital files can be displayed as licensed.

Print Pricing

Print Size (approx)*

Cost per Print**







8x10 – 8x12






*Print size:  Actual print size varies.  See the explanation below in the Frame-Fitting Issues topic.

**Prints only:  Since I believe that framing is a very personal choice affected by factors such as individual taste and décor, all prints are shipped un-matted and unframed.

**Shipping Costs and Tax:  The price includes packaging, but delivery charges and tax will be added to your order.

**Volume Discounts are available.  See below.

Special Pricing

Volume Discounts

If you order multiple copies of a single photo, the following discounts apply:

2 or more, 20% discount

5 and more 25% discount

10 and more 30% discount


If you order multiple copies of a mix of different photos, the following discounts apply:

5 or more:  10% discount

10 and more 15% discount

20 or more, 20% discount.


Call to discuss larger order discounts.

Complementary prints are not included in the count for volume discounts.

Publishing and Usage Rights Requests for Digital Files

I'm happy to negotiate to grant you rights if you're interested in using my images for your website or Facebook profiles or for purposes such as advertising in print, whether for personal or commercial use. Since the pricing of such rights is dependent on many factors regarding your intended use, licenses must be quoted based on circumstances. Please email specific information about your publication and/or usage request. I would provide full high resolution digital files after usage rights are agreed upon in writing and payment is received. Since licensing usage rights does not confer copyright, all the terms of the copyright notice below would still apply to digital files that you would receive by licensing images.

Special Media such as Greeting Cards and Books

Photos displayed on this site can also be purchased in the form of all-occasion note cards with matching envelopes; bound picture books, and 8-1/2 by 11 photo albums with your selection of prints included.  Write to indicate interest in these special products.

Large Media such as Posters, Large Prints and Giclees

If you would like to explore getting some images printed at larger sizes, many images could be printed much larger than the sizes offered.  However, you should be aware that print sizes that can be created from digital files are limited by the pixel count and sensor size of the camera used, the light conditions of the environment, and by the fact that some images are cropped from the original file dimensions for artistic, compositional reasons.  Please contact me to discuss the size options possible for specific images. 

About Buying

Contact Info

The best way to contact me at  Alternatively, you can call me at 617-484-3364 in the mornings and on weekends.  If you leave a message, please suggest times I could best return your call.

How to Order

Due to a large amount spam that results from the use of forms on web pages, I have tried to avoid the use of an order form. So if you'd like to order prints, simply send an email to the address in the contact info section and tell me which images you'd like to buy at what size. Please refer to the images by their number on the web page. If you anticipate a complicated order, I’ll be happy to do what I can to make it easier, such as taking your order by phone or sending you an order form.  If you have any questions, ask away. Many of the answers are below, but don't hesitate to ask if anything is less than completely clear.

Methods of Payment

Payment may be made by credit card or by mailing a check directly to me (payable to Julliette Carignan) though checks must clear before shipping (7 to 10 days).  To provide your credit card number, please call me (or, if you’d prefer, send your credit card number, split into two separate emails, via email). 


Every effort will be made to ship Inkjet prints within two weeks of receiving your order. You will receive an email regarding the approximate ship date soon after your order.  When you order, please indicate if there’s a particular window of opportunity that raises the urgency of receiving your order.

Notification of Framing Intention

If you know when you buy a given print that you plan to frame it in a particular size frame or mat, make note of it in your order and I will do my best to size the image to match that frame’s aspect ratio.  (See Framing Considerations below).

Your Satisfaction and Things To Consider

Satisfaction Guarantee

Some unusual images may not print well at the standard set of sizes offered because of particularly low light availability and the uneven lighting on the stage or because of aspect ratios as detailed below.  I will notify you if I foresee any concern about the print sizes of particular images you’ve ordered.  At any rate, if you are not happy with your print(s) for any reason, you can ship them back for a refund. All you'll be out is the cost of returning them to me.

Frame-Fitting Issues Due to Picture Aspect Ratios and Cropping

Since each standard frame size can have a different height vs width aspect ratio, there’s no way a photographer can offer a standard size print that will fit all frame sizes. Furthermore, I crop my images to unique shapes, or "aspect ratios" because of design considerations, so some are squarish while others are longer rectangular shapes. The implication of this is that a) certain images may not work well in the standard print sizes I’ve offered, b) most images will have assymetrical borders when printed, and c) many images will not perfectly fit into standard frames and mats without showing some borders within the mat window or cutting off parts of the image. If you don’t like that appearance, you could get a custom mat cut or could mount the print in a contemporary way without a frame, perhaps on a thick base. You can guess which images will most poorly fit standard frames if they are significantly more square or stretched out than most other images.

Impact of Your Monitor’s Lightness and Color

The way my photos will appear as prints versus the way they appear on your screen may be very different because computer monitors vary very widely compared to standard settings. I have invested in tools that calibrate my monitor to standard ranges so that I can predict how my prints will look by how they appear on my monitor. However, if you haven’t calibrated your monitor, there may be a big difference between how the images appear on your screen, compared to how they look on my screen or how they’ll appear in prints. This is especially true if you’re viewing them on a laptop screen. First, monitors vary widely in how dark or light the images appear compared to standards.  Second, monitors are generally set to cooler color temperatures than standards, which tends to make the pictures look brighter and cooler (more blue) on your screen than the standard which is similar to natural daylight.

Impact of Print Display Lighting

Your prints’ appearance will be greatly affected by the light source in which they are displayed. Most prints will look fine provided they are shown in any well-lit room. (To get the most impact from the prints you order, the ideal is to light them with a fixture that can use a full spectrum bulbs that do not introduce yellow or green color casts as do incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. (SoLux bulbs are especially respected)).


While I print on professional photo paper (Ilford Galerie Classic with a Pearl finish) with Chromalux inks, prints are not guaranteed to be archival, although if they are properly stored and displayed, they are likely to last well beyond 20-30 years. Any inkjet print, however, is subject to fading if stored or displayed in brightly lit rooms or in other compromising environmental conditions such as high heat and humidity. If a print that you purchase ever fades or discolors, I will, if possible, do my best to provide you with a replacement at no charge.


You may wonder why I charge what I do for my prints. Essentially, it takes so many hours of skilled labor to capture the photos, optimize them in the computer, make composite pages, create websites so that you can order them, and print and package and ship your order, that I could not justify the time to make pictures available at less than the prices listed. The print rate must be enough to justify this considerable time expenditure. Furthermore, considerable investment in camera equipment, specialty software and color management systems has been required to get good images in low light conditions and get good prints from digital files. Not the least, you’re paying for the artistic skill and expertise I’ve developed over many years and the considerable amount of my professional time it takes to make quality images. To the first point, it’s taken years of skill-building, practice and education to be able to be capable, artistically and technically, of capturing artful images that are well-timed to catch subjects’ most engaging personalities and dynamic interactions while composing pleasing picture designs, and then to know how to make the most of the raw images during post-processing in the computer. And as with any venture, overhead arises that must be covered.



Unless exclusive usage rights are purchased, images sold on this site may on occasion also be sold for other uses such as stock images and may be used as the inspiration for artworks in other media such as drawings and paintings.